A Unique System

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Understand you:

We start with a basic questionnaire as a guide to discover each client’s investment “comfort zone ”. We then work hard to understand and help you define your personal goals. TCK offers a range of customized investment management services guided by your vision for your future

Diversify portfolio:

How much of your money should be in stocks and in which types of stocks? How much should be in bonds? How much should you set aside as a stable, interest earning reserve? Your investment success hinges on choosing the right asset mix and sticking to a plan tailored to suit your needs.

The right investment strategy for you is built with your goals and unique circumstances in mind, unlike an “off-the-rack” formula which is less likely to succeed. By tailoring an investment program for you and your changing needs, you will be happier with it – and it will be more likely to succeed.

Select investments:

Investing is serious business, requiring time and study, patience and vigilance. Selecting superior performing investments is a key component to TCK’s unique system.

At TCK, no individual is solely responsible for selecting investments. Powerful software, definitive reports, a trained investment officer, and two trust officer committees work together in a structured, disciplined, comprehensive approach to investment selection.

Although market changes can be acted on quickly if necessary, TCK does not attempt to time the market. Rather, experience has shown it is better to take a long-term approach, relying on the mechanisms described on this page to assist with a “buy intelligently and sell intelligently” process, while continually working for the best interest of the client.

Monitor diligently:

With TCK, you know your assets are managed by seasoned and watchful professionals. We never stop reviewing performance or evaluating returns, with a goal of producing long-term results.

TCK has developed a system of comparing our client’s investment returns to those of applicable benchmarks using Morningstar® reports.

Realign vigorously:

The fifth step of TCK’s unique investment process involves periodic realignment of each client’s portfolio of assets. Markets are dynamic and therefore we must adjust appropriately to take advantage
of the changes.

Periodically, TCK receives recommendations from respected industry sources,
providing direction for current and future allocations which may affect TCK’s different investment philosophies. Typically, these recommendations reflect relatively small shifts between categories,
and may vary depending on the client’s investment philosophy.

On a periodic basis, TCK runs a computer generated portfolio realignment system which automatically checks accounts for market fluctuation. It is a process of buy low, sell high to succeed.

Communicate with you:

Conversation is what keeps TCK informed and in line with the needs of our clients. Knowing we are helping our clients meet their goals is the best part of our jobs.

Communication brings us full circle. Though it is displayed here as a step in the process, we stay in contact with our clients every step of the way, on an agreed-upon basis, especially during life-changing events.